Larry McCauley (left) and Gene Tucker (right) in front of the office, 1990

In 1970, Larry McCauley bought Berger Oil (in our current location at 8 Railroad St.) In 1972, Gene Tucker bought Woods Oil, also in Salem. Rather than compete against each other, in 1973, they decided to merge the businesses together to become McCauley and Tucker Oil. They expanded to offer full 24/7 burner service. Larry retired in 1998, and Gene officially retired in 2009. The business changed hands to Jon Braymer, Gene’s son-in-law in 2006. He renamed it Braymer Fuels in 2012.

Throughout Braymer Fuel’s 50 years of continuous, family-run service, our commitment to providing outstanding customer service has never changed. We pride ourselves in 24/7 service and knowledgeable technicians. We are also dedicated to being involved members of the local community.